Inspired Rep Group is committed to bridging our vendors and the dealer.  The dealer’s success is our success.  While we represent all lines fully, we also offer the dealer full store merchandising layouts and plans. These plans take in account many years and knowledge of merchandise mix and sales flow for any size dealership or community.  Pending the level of commitment by the dealership, Inspired Rep Group will then implement the new section or complete store set at no cost.

Vendor Benefits:

• Prime locations within store set

• Full line commitment per store set

• Easy re-ordering systems for dealers

• Increased Sales

• Regular and Complete call reporting system

Dealer Benefits:

• Professional looking store

• Positive income producing merchandising mix

• Retail flow that drives customers from front to back completing the shopping cycle.

• Future Benefits-

    • Customer Service Training

    • Value Added (Up Selling) Training

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